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A learning & gaming platform that combines learning, gaming and movement


Game editor
Augmented Reality

Body - Movement

The learning benefits of the combination of movement and learning are scientifically proven.

Mind - Learning

By using play as a catalyst to research/explore things, problems and solutions are redefined. This develops a mindset based on curiosity and the ability to find solutions to complex problems.

Team - Teamwork

Studies show that game-based learning has effects in several areas; collaboration, competitiveness, the ability to complex thinking, exploration and discovery, role-playing, self-expression and interaction.

Play - Gaming

Play and games are effective ways of learning because they stimulate the brain. That is why game-based learning often is called ‘joyful learning’.

The best learners are motivated, happy and active. They see themselves as an important part of a learning community and feel challenged! This is what BMTP provides.

It is your choice

Play predefined games or design your own games.

Play now and here!

  1. Select the topic of the game
  2. Place the playground
  3. Select team
  4. Play the game
  5. Get the results

Design & Play

  1. Design a game template in the web application
  2. Select the game in the mobile app
  3. Place the playground
  4. Build teams
  5. Play the game
  6. Get the results

BMTP consists of 4 main components

A mobile app for playing, a web-application for designing games and see statistics for games already played, a list of predefined games ready to play and a playlist on Youtube with videos for further help.


AR worlds



Game editor

Academic content


BMTP consists of several components assembled in a unique way. The platform is flexible and easy to use and gives the possibility to design games according to specific needs.

About us


Mankind has always played and thus evolved. The new digital technologies have great influence on the every day life of children. The children are attracted by the great possibilities. Our mission is to use these possibilities to ensure a lifelong journey of playing and learning.


BMTP Company was established January 2017 in Denmark. The company is owned by a group of committed people, aspiring for a better world for our children, playing through life - thus bmtp.LIFE. Sales and management are located in Denmark, R&D is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.


We co-operate with different partners, both technological wise and with different organisations, all sharing the same objective: BMTP as a future platform for playing and learning.

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